Example workshops – choosing the right one depends on what you are hearing in your organisation and material is tailored to your needs.

What you might be hearingThe right session
'It's really important we get clear on our future direction'

Growing the Future

Focus - getting clear on our shared vision, taking stock of where we are now and the path forward

Outcome - creating energy around a compelling picture of our future and a realistic plan for realising it

'We'd really like to think more creatively about our challenges and the opportunities that might be out there'

The Innovation Lab

Focus - exploring the creative process from different angles and applying it to issues in a playful but relevant way

Outcome - building the confidence of ‘non-creatives’ in how to think more creatively

'We want to promote employee well-being but what does that mean for the way we work?'

Exploring Employee Well-being

Focus – exploring what contributes to employee psychological well-being and why this matters; the implications of this for the workplace.

Outcome – an understanding of how policies and practices support and enable employee well-being

'We're caught up in 'busy-ness'- we'd really like to find a way out of this and focus on what really matters'

Making Space

Focus - knowing our priorities and learning techniques for de-cluttering so we have more control of our time

Outcome - creating the time and space to do what matters

'We want to develop deeper, lasting relationships with our clients that help us all do great work'

Building Trust-based Relationships

Focus - understanding the impact of trust in our business advisory relationships (external or internal to the organisation) and in tackling our biggest challenges

Outcome - earning trust, the right to advise and building long-term trust-based relationships

'It's a tough time right now and we are trying to keep in good shape'


Focus – understanding how the way we think influences the way we are and what we do. What are resilient thinking styles and how do we put these into practice?

Outcome – clearer, more flexible and creative thinking in both good and tough times

'We'd love to understand our strengths more and how we can use them in this group'

Spotlight on Strengths

Focus – recognising why strengths matter so much and exploring and making the most of our own individual strengths and those of this team

Outcome – releasing potential and energy by using our own and others' strengths

'Sustainability is about more than the environment – it's about the way we do business. What can we all do to make a difference?'

Exploring sustainability

Focus – looking at different aspects of what we can do individually and as organisations to improve our environment locally and globally

Outcome – create an action plan to lead us to a more sustainable way of doing things