Our Services

Our services are tailored to meet your needs. We work on assignments which range from organisational development strategy to targeted support for leaders, work teams and individuals. Key service areas include the following.

Leadership of change

Building the confidence and capability of leaders and leadership teams to guide changes in the organisation. Increasing understanding of the natural dynamics of change and how to work with, not against, resistance to build people’s commitment and engagement.

Individual development and resilience

Supporting individuals to achieve their goals and strengthening resilience to deal with the changes and challenges which work and life bring.

Well-being and engagement

Helping organisations balance the needs of the organisation and people to deliver both short-term performance and longer-term sustainability. Using data and evidence from surveys and research to build approaches which enable people to flourish and to bring their best selves to work

Organisational development and HR transformation

Shaping organisational development strategy and working with HR functions to transform the way in which they enable and support change. Building the confidence and skills of OD and HR professionals through targeted development programmes.

Innovation and creativity

Releasing the capacity for innovation and creativity which exists throughout organisations. Making space for people to untap their creative potential and to experiment using practical approaches and techniques.

Building trust

Increasing understanding of the importance of trust-based relationships with clients and colleagues in delivering performance. Building influencing skills and helping people increase their personal trustworthiness whether in a formal advisory role or simply seeking to work well with colleagues.

Our Delivery Approaches

We work alongside clients to ensure that we together develop the most appropriate approach to meet your needs. This often involves a mix of approaches such as team workshops together with individual coaching or a piece of research to provide the basis for organisational development strategy work.

Workshops and events

Designing and facilitating large and small scale workshops and events to build confidence, capability and energy to enable people to move forward. Events can be totally bespoke or tailored to your needs from a selection of our core workshops (open attached page on workshops)

Coaching and one to one support

Through coaching and personal development activities the focus is on building personal efficacy by helping individuals access the strengths, passions and creativity in work and life which give us energy to move forward.

Strategy and implementation

Helping to shape organisational development/HR strategies drawing on the involvement of key stakeholders; building the business case for change and identifying the actions needed to make change happen. We have specific expertise in the implementation of change in OD/HR functions including redesign of processes, development of new structures, roles and capability building programmes.


Identifying and understanding what is happening in the organisation and beyond to inform and shape change. Tailored research studies focus on the issue which is foremost in your context such as trust-building or well-being.