network meeting focussed on leadership

JFK’s ‘Peace Speech’ on 10 June 1963 gave a focus to the evening’s discussion on leadership – and particularly leadership in the most challenging of situations. This speech was a key impetus to addressing nuclear arms proliferation – and pulling the world back from the abyss. Many aspects of leadership which JFK articulated and displayed seemed very relevant to many of today’s problem – his appeal to our basic humanity, (‘We all breathe the same air), his connection with our hopes (‘ We all cherish our children’s future’), his ability to see other’s perspectives (‘So let us not be blind to our differences, but let us also direct our attention to our common interests and the means by which those differences can be resolved’). But the soaring rhetoric, vision, wisdom, compassion and humanity was underpinned by very active, practical political skills at making change happen – with a test ban treaty signed with the Soviet Union just 7 weeks later. What a leadership example!’.

network meeting on organisational wisdom

The network meeting on (another!) rainy evening at Barrowby Wood focused on wisdom in organisations. This linked to a research study we are conducting into the relevance of organisational wisdom as a concept and how it can be developed. Group members began by listing words and ideas they associated with wisdom in organisations. There was a striking amount of overlap in words and common themes around connectedness, long-term perspective, reflectiveness, ethics/morality, going beyond self-interest, openness, balance, respect for resources, learning and awareness. More background in: 'Meeting the challenges of the 21st century requires organisational wisdom’.

OD Survey in the NHS

Working for NHS Yorkshire and the Humber we have conducted a survey of Organisational Development leads across the whole region to understand their challenges and priorities – and the implications for their own development as practitioners able to support major change. A summary is provided in the document ‘The health of OD in Health…meeting the challenges’.

Changeable is conducting a change capabilities inquiry for Higher Education

Working with UHR since the beginning of 2012 we have been collecting views from HR leaders and their clients on the capabilities needed in the HR in a changing HE sector. Involving over 100 HEIs the conclusions indicate two key development areas – building capability to support culture change across institutions and at a more basic level improving transactional effectiveness. The findings from the inquiry are summarised in the document ‘Evolving HR Capability for a new world in HE’.

The New Economics Foundation Well-being survey trial

Working in partnership with The New Economics Foundation trialling their new Well-being survey.

During November and December it has been exciting to work in partnership with nef ( The New Economics Foundation) helping to test their new Well-being survey for organisations . The questionnaire which all employees are invited to complete takes a comprehensive look at well-being and engagement areas and produces a detailed report to guide development action. It is rich in detail and easy to use so likely to be of interest to any organisation that is paying attention to well-being. The survey will be available for organisations interested in using it in 2012.

The Trusted Advisor Fieldbook published

The Trusted Advisor Fieldbook, a comprehensive toolkit for leading with trust has just been published.

The Trusted Advisor Fieldbook by Charlie Green and Andrea Howe builds on the highly influential original book ‘Trusted Advisor’ by David Maister, Charlie Green and Robert Galford which explored the importance of trust in advisory relationships. This great new book is full of practical advice for anyone who wants to build stronger trust-based relationships. Julian Powe and Jane Gaukroger work as Trusted Advisor Associates and are looking forward to helping promote the book in the UK.

Quarterly network meeting at Barrowby Wood

Posted by Jane - April 28 2012

A quarterly network meeting was held on a rainy evening at Barrowby Wood on 25th April.

The focus of discussion was working together to organise an event and/or activities to promote the happiness/well being agenda in 'the north'.  The hope would be to share and amplify the many great stories of local action being taken in a wide range of arenas - community, education, health, the built environment, workplaces - which are building well-being.  There was amusing discussion about how people in Yorkshire respond to the word 'happiness' (not well!) and the importance of offering awareness-raising,  definitions, research and information on the national and global happiness agenda.  Next seps are to sketch out a plan for some possible events at Shine in Leeds in 2012.


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