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The Changeable team are involved in exploring the ideas and theories behind approaches to change – and we conduct practical research studies and inquiries to understand better what is happening at organisational, team and individual level. Some of us are also involved in academic research. Our articles and features are intended to capture briefly reflections on a range of issues which we meet in our work.

Each article can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking the link beneath its abstract.

Leading Agility

In a massively unstable economic context agility is top of mind for many leaders across public and private sector organisations. This article considers some of the key themes around agility – and particularly the importance of agile leaders who focus on building an agile culture. This pays attention to a stretching and engaging sense of purpose, bringing people together across boundaries, encouraging strong relationships, driving for demanding goals, intervening to minimise conflict, valuing and appreciating talent and fostering learning.

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Making Space

In the midst of much reported stress on how we struggle to find time to do everything in our busy lives this article looks at how one organisation ‘made space’ to pay more attention to releasing time and talent to focus on the most important challenges. We worked on classic decluttering approaches to free up more time – but found the bigger breakthrough came from a stronger focus on shared purpose and priorities.

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Seriously creative – building strengths in creative thinking

Nearly all organisations talk about wanting to increase their ability to innovate in a highly competitive landscape. Yet many people would describe themselves as non-creative. This article looks at how to help people release their creativity through three key dimensions needed for creativity at work – an understanding of how new ideas happen, a ‘toolkit’ of creative thinking approaches and building the motivation to use them.

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